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Choose an Alchemy Symbol and it Will Tell You How to Overcome your Daily Challenges

Alchemy is an ancient philosophical and metaphysical teaching that aims to improve our psyche through death and rebirth. A simple test helps us to understand at what period of our life we are and what are the challenges we face.

Each of these symbols can unlock your potential and make you know something more about your way of being able to face the daily challenges. Like any test, it does not contain the absolute truth, and it should not be taken as such.

Start the test: look for a couple of seconds this image and choose your symbol.


1) Silver: the Path of the goddess and healing.

If you have chosen the number one figure, you must know that this is the path of the mystics and intuition. In this moment of your life, you need to listen to your inner voice because obviously, you come from a controversial period in which you have to focus on healing, both physical and mental.

Life lesson: Depression, an illness, a family mourning: it is time to move forward and find the strength within you.




2) Lead: the Way of the Witches and the transformation.

If you chose figure number 2, you must know that transformation and regeneration are what you need to concentrate. The path of the Lead is not an easy path to deal with, but it is only through the elaboration of pain and sadness, you will be able to rediscover serenity.

Life lesson: Life has not spared you anything, but the real transformation takes place only when you learn to let yourself go.




3) Pond: the Way of the wise and of experience.

If you have chosen figure three, follow the path of experience. This is the Way of the Pond, the way of Jupiter / Zeus which, as you know, is the King of Gods. This encourages us to have different experiences. You are ambitious, but you also want freedom.

Life lesson: You should learn to never give up your thirst for wisdom!





4) Mercury: the path of alchemists and travels.

If you chose figure number four, then your path is the most mysterious. This is the way of Mercury, the Way of Hermes which is at the same time a healer, but also leads the souls to the underworld. The mysteries of life are part of you, but you never stop looking for what you want. You are always on the move because you get bored easily, travel often and adapt to the most extreme conditions.

Life lesson: You must learn to rest and have fun!





5) Iron: the Way of the warriors and the resistance.

If you have chosen figure number five, it means that you are directed towards an iron path, that is the way of growth, struggle, lust, and ambition. You have always struggled for survival and for this you have developed a dominant and protective personality. Relax and open your heart to the greatness of the universe.

Life lesson: You must learn to make peace (especially with yourself).





6) Gold: the Way of God and of abundance.

If you have chosen the number six, you have chosen the perfect and absolute path. The path of gold is the path of God, of the solar deity. This is the way of the kings and gods.

If you have chosen this path, you must do everything right, eliminate pain and live in a wonderful world. As you can easily understand, this is not a child’s play, but in small steps, the road seems less complicated.

Life lesson: You must learn to forgive (especially yourself).



7) Copper: the path of enchanters and charisma.

If you chose figure number seven, you have taken the path of Venus. Copper has always been associated with beauty and youth, along with creativity and artistic expression. Therefore it recalls the energies of love and sensuality. But beware here we talk about inner beauty, this versatile metal teaches us that we can change whatever we want, as long as our hearts are open to love and good vibrations.

Life lesson: You must learn to accept yourself and others

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