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How to Tame Your Spirit Animal and Use Its Power

A shaman’s trusted ally, the power animal, can protect you from illness and help you overcome the most difficult times in life. Shamanic wisdom considers many things found in nature to be alive, although Westerners believe that they are soulless objects.

In the shamanic tradition, everything in nature is interconnected to Earth, the place where they extract power and knowledge.



Power animals are an essential aspect of shamanism.

They represent the guiding spirits who enhance the powers of the shaman by offering visions and wisdom. Without the power animal by his side, the shaman cannot reach the true potential of his powers.

The concept of a powerful animal entered the English language from anthropology, sociology, and ethnography. It is a universal term available in all cultures and is considered a tutelary spiritual guide that protects individuals and helps them to persevere.

Similar to how humans find protection and trust in animals from the physical world, an interdependent relationship can also be established with power animals, since these spiritual guardians have access to a higher level of consciousness, thereby providing knowledge and invaluable advice.



Everyone is believed to have some of these protective animals during their stay on Earth.

There will not be only one of these tutors in your life, but many others depending on the path that each individual will follow in his life. Powerful animals respond to emotions and are drawn to emotional grids felt by a person at a given time, which means that one day you will have the protection of the lion, and the next day you will be guided by the crow.

It is essential to understand the symbolism of each animal since each of them has a set of interdependent but different advantages. Each time one of these guardians leaves an individual, another must replace it sooner or later.

If this does not happen, the shaman considers the person as powerless, which makes them vulnerable to the disease and with a considerable drop in luck. Although the powerful animal can be a truly resilient ally, when it comes to overcoming its emotions, it should only be used as a tool and not as a problem solver.

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These good-faith omens come in the form of various mammals, reptiles, insects, and sea creatures.

How to Tame Your Power Animal (2)Discovering your spirit animal is like venturing on a journey with different symbols appearing as you deepen your personal connection with it, bringing precious gifts the moment you connect.

Spiritual animals will vary according to the challenges you face at any given time and will guide you in taking you on an ascending journey of revealed secrets that will reveal the true nature of reality, given that so many people today are distracted of this spiritual world where the answers are found in abundance.

Powerful animals point out their presence in dreams, initiations, or meditations. In the shamanic tradition, the practitioner often saw his spiritual animal manifest as a physical presence, but only for a brief moment. Shamans recognize the life and the knowledge found in everything because they consider that valuable lessons can be extracted from the most insignificant aspects of life.



When you try to find your power animal, its image will appear based on subconscious thoughts.

It may take a few minutes for some, while others may envision their guardian extremely quickly. The animal you see today is linked to the current challenges you are facing and will help you overcome them by taking you on a mystical journey.

  • Before falling asleep, you can ask the power animal to appear in a dream, because it has the power to connect to the consciousness grids.
  • If you want to do this while meditating, find a quiet place, and relax. Sitting in nature or listening to music (especially drums) can improve the experience. Relax your mind and body, close your eyes, and clarify your thoughts, allowing your consciousness to reveal the spirit animal. At this point, follow your guardian wherever it can take you.

Don’t forget to write down the experience, or draw it, and analyze it carefully for the hidden symbols it can carry.

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