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7 Signature Signs Of Starseeds And Lightworkers

Do you sometimes feel like ET trying to call home? You don’t know why you are here, but you know you have a mission? Do you feel different and confused? “Starseed, volunteer, lightworker” describes people who do not resonate with this reality. Here are 7 distinctive signs of starseeds and lightworkers, and how to manage being in this dimension.

Lightworker, starseed, indigo, crystal child, all these terms essentially describe people who have the feeling of having a mission on planet Earth. A drive to repair, improve, help. Something in their belly, a red alert switch that blinks all the time. Something to do, the reason for being here. This leads to the most common question of awakening lightworkers, what is my mission?

The first wave of these people arrived in the late 1940s in direct response to the detonation of atomic bombs in 1945. Dolores Cannon has written extensively on this subject in her book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” of what the intergalactic community has chosen to do against destruction and violence on planet Earth.

The intergalactic game changer being that atomic warfare would affect other planets in our solar system as well as perhaps beyond (the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is rumored to be the remnants of a planet whose occupiers went down the self destruct route, much like we are doing).

The patriarchal control system was deemed dangerous, the free will of the inhabitants of the planet was compromised and a call was launched for beings in their feminine energy to volunteer to come down to the planet and increase the feminine energy frequencies. This would counterbalance male energy, bringing calm, stability, and progress.

These waves of volunteers as we approach and enter the Age of Aquarius are the predicted Return of the Divine Feminine. Gaia’s ascension is the return of the divine feminine, an elevation above polarity towards higher frequencies of peace, harmony, nature, and abundance.

Indigo and crystal children live in a perpetually higher state of vibration. Their light is sparkling, unfiltered, in rainbow colors. Many are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anything so that the system can shut them down with drugs and diagnoses. Their very existence raises the vibrations around them.

Starseed, volunteer, lightworker all describe someone who does not feel that they come from here, nor do they belong here. Born with varying degrees of amnesia into a system of control and oppression leads to confusion and despair.

If you are wondering if this applies to you, here are 7 foolproof signs that you are a lightworker or a starseed:



1. You feel like you don’t belong.

Language, customs, culture, and society are alien to you. You may have memories of studying the behavior of your classmates in order to imitate and integrate.

You may have always been a stranger or you could be a social butterfly, but deep down, you know it’s an act, a strategic cover-up. You can be in stealth mode, so deeply hidden that even you have forgotten that you don’t fit in. But at the very center of your being, you know that you are not from here.



2. You have always wanted to go home and you do not know why you don’t feel at home here.

You can be a stargazer, a sea dreamer, a loved up hippie, or an adapted and booted glamazon, but in your heart, there has always been a cry to contact home.

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3. You have a mission.

This is the reason why you are here, this is why you came and you have to understand it and do it. That’s what keeps you awake at night.



4. You are a giver, you serve others.

7 Signs You Might be a Starseed or Lightworker (2)You work in a generous environment or you wish you did, and you instinctively believe in the power of the collective to work together for the benefit of the whole. It is in your DNA.



5. You are naturally drawn to meditation, yoga, sound healing, song, drums, holistic therapies, and esoteric theology.



6. You have unusual eyes.

People have always commented on your eyes, you know that from an early age, they and you, are different.

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7. Your energy is feminine (not related to gender or sexuality), you are a sensitive person.

You focus on education and attention. Your energy field may be sensitive to fluctuations in the energy fields around you. You avoid the crowds and feel more comfortable in small groups or alone.

The mission is to plant seeds, cause vibrational ripples, anchor light on Gaia’s grid, heal people who are awakening. This is the mission. By being attentive, kind, gracious, and humble, embodying the spirit of the warrior, because planet earth is a war zone for hearts, bodies, and minds, this rise in frequency can be obtained.

Volunteering is to be at ground zero during a rare cosmic event offering a unique opportunity to grow karmically. We are able to release old and stuck karma faster on these cosmic waves of ascension on Gaia than we could in a hundred lifetimes elsewhere.

We also chose the ancestral family in which we were born, it was predetermined. An integral part of our mission to liberate the old and stuck ancestral karma from our chosen families. Break the programming, push the limits, dig and release, to help families in their energy evolution at this incredible time.

As we prepare for phase three Realignment, phase 1 being the awakening, phase 2 being the recalibration, we should all make personal care a priority. When we fly on an airplane, we are told to fix our own oxygen mask before trying to help someone else. This is the key to achieving our mission here.

Take care of yourself and your frequency field will be light, progressive, and loving. Do not let the matrix corrupt you, exhaust you, label you, and heal you, block, limit, blunt or delay your healing energy impact on others.

Play the matrix game by being grounded. Come back to Gaia every day. Say this mantra: “I am moving my spirit back into my body”, three times if you feel disconnected or like floating away or escaping.

Stress and worry hamper the recalibration and leveling process, blocking it with more dense energy. Stay centered and grounded using the routines of the matrix to help regulate your behaviors. Gardening, cooking, knitting, reading, walking, swimming, all these types of activities allow our spiritual body-mind-soul systems to have the energetic space to process these quantum improvements.

This reality is our choice, predetermined, preordained, and agreed upon. No matter the extent of the ripples created by lightworkers, the waves of lighter energies are a means of helping this besieged planet without directly interfering with the right to free will.

Lightworkers shine light, higher frequencies everywhere they go, lighting up dark corners, challenging matrix programming, and sharing the vibrations of love, even if they don’t know that’s what they actually are.

These are the crucial years when mass awakening occurs around the world and people need help, comfort, healing, protection, advice, and support. There is a better world, it is the fifth dimension, a place where Gaia is heading, whether its passengers join it or not.

As lightworkers or starseeds, it is the mission to help facilitate this process from the ground. Each little interaction, the bus driver, your child’s teacher, your colleagues, each interaction is an opportunity for a volunteer to increase the vibration by a notch or two. Our energy field is such that if we feel bad, we will literally splash this bad juju everywhere.

So beware lightworkers: fear, greed, envy, paranoia create bad vibrations. Keep yourself charged, balanced, and kind and compassionate to the people around you. These are exciting moments, breath, believe, and manifest a bright future on Gaia of abundance, equality, and love. Go and spread the light!

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