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If You want to Meet Your Twin Flame, You need to Follow this Simple Guide

When you learn to manifest your twin flame and note the signs of his arrival in your life, you can take a step forward on your journey to unconditional love.

For some, this process can take a life or more. But for those who take a proactive approach, it can be done quickly.

It is therefore essential to know where to look. So, if you want to meet your twin flame, here is a little guide to help you get together.

Prepare your inner being:


The first step is before you arrive in your life.

At first, we all have a pure aura, without negative energy. But, it never lasts long. As we live in an imperfect society, we absorb negative energy.

We do it in everyday life, but also when we experience trauma. All of this accumulates over time and poisons the chakras. So if you do not purify your aura, it will be dark and dirty.

In addition to the apparent side effects, this kind of aura will prevent you from finding your twin flame. To understand why you need to understand the nature of the relationship you want.

While other relationships usually involve looking back and looking to the future, this relationship is based on a forward-looking attitude. So, you have to heal the injuries and trauma before you can start the trip.

There is no shortcut to heal and achieve balance, you only need to do the job. However, for the process to run smoothly, you can use certain techniques.




If You want to Meet Your Twin Flame, You need to Follow this Simple Guide

The meditation can take many forms and you need to test different techniques and processes to find one that suits you best.

Choose the one that best suits the problems you are currently facing.

For example, a meditation on chakra healing, Kundalini, and mindfulness is effective at overcoming past trauma that leaves residual energy in your aura.

You can also seek therapeutic help if you have a very deep trauma, especially if you have difficulty overcoming it alone.



Signs of synchronicity:

When you have progressed enough and have cleaned your aura, you are ready to be joined with your twin flame.

This moment is very interesting. Many people remember this time in their lives and see it as a magical time when the universe suddenly showed them the way.

Even if it is not quite magic, they are right to be guided by the universe – through the mechanism of synchronicity. The universe sends messages as a guide. There are several signs of synchronicity for twin flames.



See if you have experienced any of the following experiences:

If You want to Meet Your Twin Flame, You need to Follow this Simple Guide

  1. For example, some numbers such as 11:11, 111 and others start to appear at that time, often on the clock, tickets, signs, etc.
  2. Love is everywhere – You start to notice more couples than usual.
  3. Your friends all have relationships and romance is a word that often comes up around you.
  4. You feel called – This relationship is an essential part of your spiritual journey. So when you are on the horizon, you get a sense of purpose, as if your purpose is about to become obvious.
  5. You feel calm and balanced – You have reached a level of inner peace and balance that allows this process to proceed.
  6. At present, you are resonating the purpose of your soul and your perspective has changed.
  7. You feel ready – You have unshakable confidence in your ability to meet your twin flame.

You may also encounter other signs of synchronicity, but these are probably the easiest to notice. Read also: 13 Things that Happen when You Experience a Twin Flame Connection.



To reach it on the astral plane:

There is another way to try to speed up the search process of your twin flame: you can contact him via the astral plane.

You can do it in two ways: lucid dreaming or your telepathic connection.

In both cases, try to identify his energy and make contact.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a lucid dream or want to learn, you can connect with your twin flame this way. Otherwise, you will need to use your telepathic connection to establish contact.

This is a natural link shared by all the twin flames. It’s not as difficult to do as you think. When you make contact, you will have triggered the process of meeting with your twin flame. It will arrive via synchronicities when it is ready for the trip. In the meantime, be patient as it may take a while to arrive.

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