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19 Signs that You Have Awakened Your Consciousness

How do you know when you have really awakened your consciousness?

We all have a trigger point, this point that we reach in our lives where we find ourselves saying,  “Enough, I can not live my life like this anymore.”  It is from this realization, that the awakening usually happens.

At first, it can start as a search, then a depression, and finally a breakthrough.

Usually, the cycle of awakening follows a similar pattern – something is triggered to bring us to a better understanding of who we are and our purpose.

Awakenings occur in the heart and in the soul and although they can sometimes be painful, they allow us to raise our vibration to a higher level so that we can experience more the bliss of life.

In essence, raising your vibration aligns you closer to the energy of Love, Nature and the flow of life.

When you reach this state, life is definitely moving at a different pace. Things plague you more easily, you attract more and you open more to daily miracles.

Even though consciousness is always a journey, here are 19  signs that you have awakened your consciousness:



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1. Your ability to manifest is increased and the things you think or want, begin to materialize in your life.

2. Problems that bother you or hold you back seem to resolve themselves or you instantly find a solution.

3. Truths that may have been hidden or misleading people can be revealed to you.

4. Someone who made you live a hard time stops abruptly or moves away from your life.

5. Every day, frustrations like being caught in traffic, long lines, etc. no longer seem to bother you, or the results are always positive.

6. You attract more loving, caring and compassionate people into your life, including people who may have had a similar wake-up trip.

7. You are no longer under the clutches of your ego and you can quickly identify when your ego appears.


8. All spiritual, metaphysical and psychic things become interesting for you and you want to try alternative therapies, healing energy and expand your own intuitive gifts.

9. Your body is able to quickly heal emotional and physical trauma and you become more aware of treating your body with respect. Eating well and exercising is easy.

10. You are able to find gratitude in all the experiences of life, and you understand that there are no “good” or “bad” lessons, there are only journeys and growth.

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11. There is a deep feeling of being connected to something bigger than you, you feel connected to all life and you understand that your soul is really infinite.

12. Your fear of death subsides and you begin to understand the true essence of who you are and what your soul has come to accomplish here.

13. The intuitions or dreams become stronger and you may even develop psychic gifts or the ability to connect with your spiritual guides.

14. Life has many synchronicities and fortuitous events that seem to point you in the right direction at the right time.

15. You lose the desire to compete, get ahead or do things just because others do it. Instead, you are shaping your own path, following your heart and understand that there is enough abundance for all.

16. You understand that life and the people you meet are a mirror, always reflecting the experiences you need or express.

17. You feel pain and injustice all over the world, but on a deeper level, you understand that with positive, loving intention, you can help make energetic changes. Prayer, meditation, and your connection to the universe become important self-healing tools that you can trust and give yourself up to.

18. You start accepting people and not making judgments about them because you understand that everyone is on their own path and doing everything they can.

19. You have learned to love and appreciate all that you are and practice self-love every day.


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