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What is Your Life Mission here on Earth and How to Remember it

What is a soul mission:

Before beginning the soul mission, it is good to remember what the soul is. The soul is the vital and spiritual principle that animates our body. It is that part of our Self that is immutable, eternal and immaterial.

As a human being, we are the earthly vehicle of our soul, since it wants to experience matter. By incarnating on Earth, the soul lives certain experiences through our physical body. Since these experiences can only be lived in the matter, it has no choice but to “borrow” a physical body to achieve its goals. In doing so, the soul begins a new journey on Earth.

Our soul comes to experience matter for different reasons: it is called a soul mission. Before becoming incarnated in the physical world, it chooses what it wants to live as an experience, always with the aim of making it evolve.

It can be as diverse as knowing the joy, feeling the love, learning to forgive, transcending one’s karma, opening one’s consciousness. Our goal is to know the different learning and lessons that our soul came to experience.

Each journey of the soul is unique but the experience remains the same for all: each of them comes to incarnate His light on Earth, which allows the soul to be more and more luminous. Through his incarnation, the soul wishes to enlighten the world, with its singular and pure light.

Our soul is therefore responsible, the one who has meticulously chosen and orchestrated all the details of our present incarnation. It chose the place where we would embody, the environment, the time, our parents, our friends, our life experiences, our trials. Nothing was left to chance. It carefully planned our living conditions so that we could realize its deep intentions. As it wants to grow, it chooses the kind of life that will allow it to get there, in the best way possible.

It is for this reason that we must accept with love everything that happens in our lives. Every event lived, person met or test placed on our road has its reason for being. Becoming aware of our soul mission helps us to let go of the difficulties to trust the plan that our soul has retained.

The soul wishes to blossom and remind us that we are connected to the Divine. When we accept that we are not merely a physical body, but a multidimensional being, endowed with a soul and a spirit, we find the bond that unites us to the Source and the soul reestablishes the contact between God and our Higher Self. It is at this moment that our journey begins towards the realization of our soul’s mission.

To know one’s mission of soul, one’s incarnation contract is to become aware of it and to remember, since information concerning it is not created during our existence. They existed well before our birth on Earth. We have simply lost our memories while incarnating in the physical world.

Since the process of incarnation makes us forget the subtle and celestial worlds from which the soul has made its choices, we have no memory of what we have come to accomplish here.

Our only task is to awaken our memories, to remind ourselves of our mission. Otherwise, we will walk in the fog, without ever finding an answer to our questions about the meaning of life, our reason to be here, our true identity and our role on Earth.

To remember one’s soul mission is to regain sight. It’s coming out of unconsciousness and opening your heart. It aligns its whole being with its divine Essence.


How to remember your soul’s mission:

How to remember your soul's mission:

The mission of our soul is linked to the way of the heart. Our mission is therefore related to what brings us joy and well-being. To remember our mission, we must silence our mind and follow the momentum of our heart. What does your heart whisper you in silence? The important thing here is not to question how. To care about how to do is the role of our mind. Just ask, what do I want, what does my heart say to me? The heart never lies and as it is intuitive and connected to your whole being, it remembers your mission.

Your ego may interfere when you question your heart about your mission. Your ego will try to convince you that you are limited, that you do not have the required potential, and the necessary skills and talents. Your heart, meanwhile, allows you to see beyond the restrictive world of the five senses. It has a different vision of your mind.

The heart knows that you have in you all that is necessary for the accomplishment of your mission. If you were not able to carry it through, your soul would not have chosen this contract. So do not doubt what your heart is telling you.

Allow yourself to imagine the greatest desire of your soul, letting go of the little details. Concentrate on the essentials. To help you, ask yourself the following question: “If I had only one day to live, what would be the message that I would deliver to humanity?” Your answer is the heart of your soul Mission.

Our soul’s mission gives a direction to our life, a sense to our passage on Earth. To remember it, it is important to question the part of us who knows: our soul. It has all the answers to our questions. Our soul will manifest itself to us, infusing us with its Light and Truth.

Listen to your feelings. If you feel good, it’s a sign that your soul is communicating with you. Ask him what your mission is. His answer will come to you in the form of feelings, visions, intuitions, inspiration and renewed thoughts.

Our mission of the soul makes us feel in complete alignment with our entire Being. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions are no longer forced. They are natural and flow from the Source. This is an indicator that we are on the right track.

When we fulfill our mission, a new joy radiates from the depths of our Self and gives us a feeling of lightness. The Universe gets involved and conspires to help us evolve, according to the plan established by our soul.

Another way to remember our mission is to seek help from our Spiritual Guides and Protecting Angels. We are not alone on this Earth. A team surrounds us, guides us and enlightens us. They are our guardian angels and our spiritual guides. They surround us with their light and make sure we move in the right direction.

These highly evolved beings know how our soul was programmed. Nothing is hidden from them about us. They are here to remind us of our truth. They support us and help us move forward on our path of life. They bring us back to the right path when we move away from our mission. This is the case when we work towards something that our soul did not plan to live.

When we have a desire, we work hard to achieve it, but everything seems to prevent us from achieving our goal, this is a sign sent by our guides. They whisper that we are on the wrong track and are doing their best to realign ourselves on our mission.

Our angels and our guides respect our free will. They can not stop us from doing something we have chosen to live. On the other hand, they can send us messages, signs and make us live synchronicities. Using a lot of stratagems, they manage to communicate with us, either to encourage us to continue or to tell us that we are not on the right track.

To remember our mission, we can count on their help, on their support, by asking them to awaken our memories. We can get in touch with them in different ways: through prayer, meditation, writing, etc. They will be happy to respond to our requests as it is part of their task for us.

Our soul cares about our progress. It will reveal to us in time and place what is vital to us and necessary for our evolution. It does not want to rush us and follows the plan. That’s why we sometimes do not get an answer to our question about our soul mission.

Maybe it’s because we have an apprenticeship to do, beforehand. Or that we have to live a particular event, which will help us to fulfill our contract afterward. This is where the notion of faith comes into play.

Since we as humans are not aware of the overall picture of our karma and our various incarnations, we can only have faith in the decisions made by our souls. We must trust the Superior plan and follow the calls we hear, in our hearts.

Our race needs to awaken from its torpor. To see beyond the illusion of separation and reconnect with the great All. To accept that we are not only a limited being, but a parcel of divinity. When we live our lives, in the consciousness of Unity and we will accept to work to realize our mission of individual and collective soul, we will embrace our true nature and we will stop living in fear.

We will transform our current Earth experience into an incredible adventure. We will go in search of universal truths, of infinite love, of total consciousness. We will experience life, with the eyes of the Creator.

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