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What is Your Special Gift? Here Are the Secret Signs in Your Hand that Indicate It

Chirology from kheir (hand) and logos (discourse study), is the art that, through careful consideration, interprets the lines, signs, structure, and morphology of the hands.

The purest purpose of chirology is the acquisition of a deeper knowledge of oneself, so as to allow the translation into action of one’s own potential.

Beyond this, it reveals to us the perspectives that life has in store for us and our special gifts. Gifts we are not always aware of.

In this mini-guide, we will try to understand which are the 5 signs that represent our special gift.

It is not necessary to have them all.


These 5 Secret Palm Signs Reveal Your Special Gift



1- The secret or hidden cross.


It is certainly the most powerful sign of the hand. It is a small X placed between the lines of the heart and the head.

Whoever possesses this sign is generally aware of his gift, because it manifests itself from childhood.

The special gift of those who possess the secret cross is intuitive wisdom.




2- The planetary psychic cross.


At the bottom of each finger, there may be a small sign bearing the name of a psychic cross.

Each finger is connected to a planet and its special gift is determined by the finger under which the cross is located and the corresponding celestial body.

The index finger:

The corresponding planet is Jupiter. If the psychic cross is below the index finger, your special gift is a mix of wisdom and foresight.

The middle finger:

The corresponding planet is Saturn. If the cross is under the middle finger, your special gift is premonitory dreams.

The annular finger:

Having the psychic cross under the ring finger means enjoying the protection of Apollo and the Sun that allow you to attract everything you want.

Your special gift is a powerful charisma.

The pinky finger:

The corresponding planet is Mercury. If the cross is under the pinky finger, your special gift is about the world of magic in general and where you could excel.




3- The pyramid, psychic triangle.

3- The pyramid

If you have this sign at the bottom of the ring finger, you may have blocked your gift more or less intentionally.

It can happen for example, when creating a bad Karma.

The pyramid is a kind of psychic prison that holds your special gift hostage.

Only love and forgiveness can free it, along with a purification of the spirit.

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4- The healer’s mark.

4- The symbol of the healer

Whoever possesses these four lines parallel to the base of the little finger, is a potential healer.

Healing as in physically and emotionally. In fact, many, among those who have these lines, choose medicine or psychology as a course of study.

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The Spiritual Healing HandbookThe Essential Guide to Using Spiritual Healing to Improve Your Quality of Life.



5- Astral travel lines.

5- Astral lines

They are the lines located below the base of the moon world.

Whoever possesses these lines has the gift of being able to feel and come into contact with the energies and spirits that are beyond the astral and physical plane.



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  1. Susan Dayton

    I have all but the triangle. I have had 9 NDE,really dead and came back one for over an hour, I.have been back and forth and in the lights strars and back again! I have been home They said I have to stay here to help with the Transition! They call us Earth Angels there are hundreds or thousands of us in contact on the internet, I am the one that was in the movie Secrets of the Soul. I do 11th Hour Hospice, I am able to connect with them and go with them till they are calm then I come back and they go on home. Now with Covid it is exhausting they need so much more help!

  2. Amanda Brooks

    Oh my gosh I learned so many things about myself I had no idea about alot of my gifts I knew about but I had no idea they were linked like this. I learned some new things about me I didn’t know I should start paying more attention to as well thank you so much for this.

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