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10 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever felt the symptoms of a spiritual awakening? It is very likely that the answer is “yes” if you read this article.

A spiritual awakening is a continuous process by which a person becomes aware of his connection with the infinite, and becomes aware of his spiritual nature. As spirits, we are eternal by nature. However, when we are born in our body, many are “forgetting” their spiritual nature. Often we are taught to believe that we are disconnected from each other and that this life is our only existence.

When someone experiences a spiritual awakening, he becomes aware of his spiritual nature and begins to understand that he is indeed a being connected to eternal life. As a result, he often goes through some specific symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

It is important to note that not everyone who experiences a spiritual awakening will necessarily show all the following signs and symptoms, but they will probably experience a few of them. We all have a different experience of spiritual awakening because we present each of the different sensibilities.



1. Increased interest in metaphysical and paranormal topics.

Often, people who experience a spiritual awakening become very interested in the metaphysical dimension and phenomena such as crystals, tarot cards, Reiki, psychic and mediums.

This interest can help the individual to understand his spiritual awakening, as education and traditional subjects generally fail to answer questions of a spiritual nature.




2. Unusual sensations in your crown chakra.

The place where the crown of your head is located is where your crown chakra lies, and your crown chakra is the element that connects you to the energy source. When your crown vibrates or meets other sensations, it is an indication that you are in a receptive state and well connected to the energy of the universe.




3. Buzzing in your ears

Some people who have a spiritual awakening experience a buzzing sensation in the ears that usually occurs when we are in the process of ascension.

Just like a dog can hear more treble sounds; a buzzing in the ears indicates that you too are becoming more and more sensitive to higher frequencies.




4. Vertigo.

The process of ascension is a process of transformation and change. As your energy rises, you can sometimes feel out of balance. Deep breathing and meditation can help you stay anchored if you are feeling dizzy.




5. An increase in tremors or chills that are not due to illness.

Shivers and chills are a sign that you are very connected to the energy source and, as such, you “vibrate” with energy.




6. A level of empathy and increased compassion.

At a spiritual awakening, we become aware of our connection with all people. Thus, those who go through a spiritual awakening are more likely to interact with others through love and acceptance.




7. Synchronities more and more frequent.

Synchronicities, or significant coincidences, become more and more frequent in our lives.




8. Accepting death.

If you become aware of your eternal nature, death will begin to become less frightening and more acceptable. When you experience a spiritual awakening, you understand that death is simply a state of transition rather than an absolute “end”.




9. Receive messages, and understand their meaning.

When we interact with our spiritual nature, we become aware of the messages sent in order to communicate with us or to inspire us.

For example, at a critical moment, you can see on a street sign or billboard the words you exactly need to hear. You can also see a cloud formation with a meaningful meaning for you, for example, a heart or an angel.

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10. The experience of “unity”.

This rare symptom must be felt in order to be understood, it is a moment of total clarity, by which an individual feels totally connected to everything in the universe. Deep meditation can also help to facilitate this feeling of knowledge.

Have you ever felt any of these unique symptoms of spiritual awakening? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your story!


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  1. Erna

    Yes have and do experience all of these symptoms. Also believe it is no coincidencd that we are all being put in a situation where we are required to stay home and have quiet time and a slow down of pace. Something is happening now that we are arriving at the Age of Aquarius. I am curious to see how this pans out.

  2. Catherine

    After the last one I went through I cried for 10 minutes because I tried to capture a fly and it was a tiny hurt but not enough to stop it flying off, I was devastated a creature was hurt and I couldn’t help it. I describe #10 it feels like the universe is giving my heart a warm calm hug. Complete balance

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