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12 Powerful Reminders For When You Feel that Your Life Sucks

Let’s be honest, while this life can be an incredible blessing full of breathtaking heights and life-changing experiences, there will also be times when it sucks. Sometimes all you need at the lowest of times is just a reminder of the big picture.

We will all feel sorrow and pain in life, you are not alone (even if it is the case now). If at this point you feel that your life is void and there is no hope that it will recover, then it may be time to step back and reassess the situation.

Here are 12 life-changing reminders for anyone who is currently stuck and living a bad life:



1. It’s normal not to feel your best:

Don’t try to force yourself to “be okay” all the time. If you are experiencing difficult emotions, bottling them will only make them suppurate below the surface, impacting your life even longer.

Accept these difficult feelings and work to overcome them, because it is the only way to release them completely from your life.




2. Every moment is a gift:

It is difficult if you are currently struggling with your current situation, but take a step back and look around. Every moment given to us here is a gift in a way.

During the good times, these reasons for being thankful are much more obvious but challenge yourself to find reasons to be thankful during your difficult times. It could be something as simple as a hot cup of your favorite tea.




3. Take one step at a time:

If you look at the whole situation in front of you, trying to find a way to reverse everything, it can be completely overwhelming. Instead, break it down into more manageable pieces.

Focus on taking one step in the right direction, only moving your thoughts to the next step when the first one is successful. Any move in the right direction is positive.




4. Look at the bigger picture:

Often when we feel our lives are at their worst, it is because we have experienced something negative or difficult and have allowed it to take over.

A single bad day does not mean that you are currently living a bad life. Look outside of this moment for all that is good in your life.




5. Life is weird:

I would like to tell you that you can equalize this, eliminate the weak points of life and camp in happiness and positivity, but it is simply not that easy. Life is a combination of incredible highs and difficult lows, no matter who you are.

Remember, if you are currently in low weather, the only way to continue this trip is by going up.

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6. Nothing you feel/experience is everlasting:

You may have the impression that there is no hope at the moment, leaving you trapped in your present situation, but if there is one thing that is guaranteed in life, it is change.

Keep your heart and your mind open to the possibilities that arise along the way.




7. You aren’t a victim:

Do not fall into the victims’ thinking trap, as this quickly worsens the situation. By considering yourself a victim, you are giving up control of your life. This will only cause more pain and heartache as you welcome additional pain and struggle in your life to move forward.

Even if you feel like it’s a challenge after a number, try to remember that you are not a victim in this life.




8. There’s light at the end of the tunnel:

There is no doubt that we will all experience moments of trial in our lives, and they will suck. However, these difficult times are short-lived. If you look at the future, you will see that this pain is temporary.

You just need to continue and everything will be fine soon.




9. You are in charge:

Although you may face a difficult period, the decision to allow it to take over is up to you.

Of course, you can’t control whether you have to deal with this difficulty, but by choosing how you react to it, you keep control of your own life and your happiness.




10. See this as an opportunity for growth and development:

Throughout our lives, we have the opportunity to grow and evolve, becoming the best version of ourselves. When you feel like things are not going the way you want, it is likely that you can make changes in your life that, over time, will help you turn the tables.

Take the time to reflect on your life and the ways in which you can learn from this experience.




11. You are stronger than you think:

We admire the strength of others, but too often we are blind to our incredible inner strength. Look at your life and you will see that you have already survived important challenges, and you are there.

Keep your head up high because you are able to get through.

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12. It’s not as bad as you think:

Your state of mind and your perception are an incredibly valuable tool that must be harnessed and used for your best advantage. Rather than letting the situation force you to see your life as terrible, adjust your perspective on the situation.

The same situation can be considered life-destroying or just a bump on the road, it’s up to you.




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