14 Signs that Someone in Your Life Has an Evil Personality

14 Signs that Someone in Your Life Has an Evil Personality

There are people in this world who are really bad, whether you want to admit it or not. Although they are not as easy to spot as other types of people, they are very common.

Below, we will review some of the signs that could indicate that someone is much more evil than you think. While all of these things are not bad in themselves, they resemble a special kind of person who likes to twist things and hurt others. These kind of people are the ones we should avoid like the plague.

14 signs that someone in your life might have an evil personality:



1. They don’t tell you the whole truth:

People with evil personalities will never give you the whole truth. They will beat around the bush and constantly keep information from you. You simply can never get the whole story from them.




2. They don’t show remorse:

People with evil personalities do not show remorse because they do not feel remorse. They don’t feel bad for what they’re doing or hurting people in general. They do everything they think they should do and nothing can stop them.




3. They are irresponsible:

People with evil personalities are not responsible and you cannot count on them for anything. The more you ask them to do, the less they will end up doing, you just can’t win.




4. They are manipulative:

People with evil personalities are super manipulative, they will make people do what they want. They don’t care how far they have to go to make things happen.




5. They like deceiving people:

People with evil personalities like to confuse people. They constantly mislead others and make them think one way when they should think another. They will get your hopes up for nothing over and over if you allow them.




6. They will alter the facts to fit their story:

People with evil personalities always twist things to make them more beautiful. They will change their stories and make things up so that everything fits. Nothing is ever the way it should be with this kind of person.




7. They don’t accept the truth:

People with evil personalities never really accept the truth as it is. They refuse to see the world as they should and see only what they want to see. It is as if they lived life with wool over their eyes.

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8. They are controlling:

People with evil personalities always want to control others. They do not want the people in their lives to have control over their own decisions. Anything that threatens their sense of control literally tears them apart.




9. They are never there when you need them:

People with evil personalities are never there when you need them. If you are upset about something, they will not be a shoulder you can cry on. They are not supportive people and they never will be.




10. They are always wasting everybody’s time:

People with evil personalities always waste the time of others. They are rude and love to play games. The more you ask for, the less you get and they will make fun of things throughout the process.




11. They like seeing others in pain:

People with evil personalities like to see others in pain or sadness. They like to be at the top and they cannot be at the top if everyone is happy and successful. Your failures give them strength.




12. They don’t keep any secret:

People with bad personalities chat a lot because they like to spread negative things about people and never care about the positive. If someone makes a mistake and they know about it, so does the rest of the world.

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13. They make you feel weird in their presence:

People with evil personalities make you feel a bit out of place and uncomfortable. Your intuition is able to pick up their vibration even if you don’t understand it. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut, it will never lie to you.




14. They are always lying:

People with evil personalities always lie. They lie to get ahead, to put things on others’ backs and to really put people in their “place”. For them, lying is a tool they cannot do without.




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