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3 ‘Monsters’ Every Lightworker Faces in Their Way to Transform into the Ultimate Lightbringer

“An Ultimate Lightbringer is a lightworker who shines for his full potential”

Lightworkers, once awakened, spend most of their lives bringing light to this world. The light they bring shines in their hearts. With just their presence and their inherent spiritual capacities, they transform the darkness of the world into true light.

Despite their higher calling, lightworkers are not people who isolate themselves from society and live in a cave. We can see them as chefs, writers, singers, producers, cleaners, mothers or mediums. They can be famous gurus or even local bartenders who have a passion for dancing.

Whether large or small, they contribute to increasing the vibrations of our planet. They do not do this through special techniques or global activist movements, but simply by being themselves and letting their vibration transform everyone with whom they interact.

They subconsciously know that they are strategically placed as beacons in different parts of the world to feed people with positive vibrations.

Whenever they face difficulties, they often bounce back with more strength and more positive prospects. They know perfectly well that obstacles are just tools that trigger their true light and shine in the world where they need it most.

Discover the 3 inner monsters that every lightworker must face in order to become the ultimate Lightbringer:



Their own fire:

3 'Monsters' Every Lightworker Faces in Their Way to Transform into the Ultimate Lightbringer (2)

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the burning human soul.”

~ Ferdinand Foch

The journey of the lightworkers is not the easiest of all. On the contrary, it is a journey hampered by loss, sadness, illness, depression, anxiety, fear, and constant struggle. It may sound cruel, but it’s the only way for lightworkers to get rid of the layers of themselves that aren’t serving them.

In all subtlety, they are pushed to look inside until they understand that nothing matters except who they really are. The moment they remember who they really are is the moment when their light begins to shine.

In short, lightworkers are flame carriers who need to find the light of their flames and the essence of where it comes from. It is the duty of the lightworkers to light the world.

Only that coming into the physical world and modern society, the lightworkers find it difficult to manage their flame by being looked at as if there was something wrong with them.

Most of the time, people do not understand them and the intensity of their emotions and this can cause their light to dim or go out, and their fire becomes destructive anger.

The first “monster” they have to face is their own fire. They must embrace it and accept it as something positive and constructive. They must realize that it is their power, not their weakness. They must look beyond and see the true light with which it has the potential to illuminate the world.



Their shadows:

“Never fear the shadows. They simply mean that there is a light shining somewhere nearby.
~ Renkel Ruth E

Lightworkers are natural healers. However, they must first heal themselves before they can go out into the world and teach people how to heal or heal them with their presence.

When the inner journey of a lightworker in search of his true essence begins, he marks the beginning of an arduous adventure facing his own inner shadows and demons. They have to go through this painful process of self-discovery until they are able to relight their flame through their true essence.

The call can be unique for everyone, but all lightworkers follow the same life theme: get lost once in your life and find yourself. This is how they can face the shadows of their psyche that hold the orbs of their essence.

The second “monster” they must face are these shadows which are scattered parts of themselves that they have turned their back on because they thought they were unacceptable to society. But only by recognizing these parts, accepting them, embracing them and giving them love, they can become whole and shine with their true light.

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Their inner self:

“Being yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

At this point, some lightworkers may have already accomplished the goal of their soul. But, others may still be unable to understand what their purpose is exactly. These are people who do not yet know how to fully use their true light and who need the inspiration of their fellow lightworkers to remember theirs.

There are many things that can hide someone’s purpose. The environment can retain these lightworkers. Old habits, negative friends, limiting beliefs and assumptions about what to do can be the building blocks of their prison cell. Once they have freed themselves from what is holding them back, they can burst into flames they’re not even aware they have.

The third “monster” they have to face is exactly that inner prison they built for themselves by living in a society made and governed by fear. Once they realize which chains are keeping their real goal locked, they have to break it and start living their goal. Even the smallest step towards their goal is always a big step in the right direction.

We need these awakened souls to bring their healing energies to our sick world. We need their words, their empathy, and their healing hand. We need these lightworkers.

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