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3 Powerful Truths You’ll Realize When You Expand Your Consciousness

“What you are seeking is seeking you.”
~ Rumi

I knew I had always liked this quote, not really knowing why. To be honest, for a very long time, I never really understood what it meant. Then everything changed.



1. You discover the light:

In Daoism, it is believed that the journey to enlightenment begins by turning the eyes inside out and there is an African proverb that says “when there is no enemy within, enemies outside cannot touch you”.

As we have all learned by now, the way we see the world around us is a projection of our inner world, and therefore our pursuit of happiness, enlightenment, and satisfaction is primarily about filling ourselves with light and love in order for then to radiate it into the world.

Unfortunately, as a defense mechanism, we seek to avoid the inner work of illuminating the shadows in our minds and neglect to do what is necessary to achieve a state of enlightenment. New age spirituality, for example, relies too much on concentration on the aspect of love and light; when we seek out, search for, or try to reach that light, we are essentially chasing our own tails.

Maybe that’s what Rumi was describing when he made that statement. We become like dogs and cats circling around and missing the point. Rumi, I think, had a really good sense of humor.

The point is that we are the light because we are aware and when we can increase our awareness we expand our consciousness. In other words, we make the invisible visible and bring unconscious thought to a consciously understandable level.

You see, awareness is like an energy field, “awareness is in the entirety of your being, awareness of itself is like a light inside, don’t imagine it as the kind of light you see, light and awareness are the same things.”

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2. You reconnect to unity consciousness:

Everything is one. We are one. We are all connected and every man and woman is your brother and sister. It’s not a religion, it’s science. Although there are many interpretations of unity consciousness, today I will give you an overview of mine. I’m not asking you to believe it, I’m not telling you to take it as “the gospel”.

What I’m going to say is that this is my perception. This is what I saw when I found the light as I projected out of my body and into the universe and this is what resonates with me. The universe is sexual. The universe is playful. The universe is God.

My physical body is the projection of my creator because I am only a cell of his body. I see the planets are cells too, and we are cells in those same cells. My aura is my protoplasm and my body is the nucleus.

The whole universe is all about creation; cell multiplication, regeneration, death, and rebirth. I see the big bang the moment the sperm entered the egg. I see the Milky Way as the sperm of the gods, and I see that I am a universe. Because I am able to create life and am part of creation, I am also a god.

When we create life, we create a universe of cells with their own unique consciousness, no matter how small. I see my soul is a spark in the night sky, a star, and when I leave my physical body and ascend into the heavens, I will shine bright for all to see.

“Every human being knows everything because everything there is to know is contained in the memory of their cells and the zero point quantum field. The only problem is that they haven’t figured out how to read this field yet.”

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3. You recognize the immortal foundation of the soul:

It was once believed that a person cannot truly be considered an embodied soul until they have pure and genuine compassion for others. I find that extremely poetic. Compassion, while it sounds like a simple, common word, is not always easy to reach and holds a higher perspective.

Put your ego aside and rise to a level of understanding that sees every being as a child. That is, we are all infants in the universe and to rise above and “take the high road” as they call it requires an enlightened mind.

A soul who has found the light within makes the conscious choice to be righteous in judgment, righteous in understanding, and righteous in love. Righteousness, for me, does not mean being right. It means showing love, compassion, and understanding, no matter what you think is right.

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by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

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