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7 Reasons why Your Spiritual Awakening may Suddenly Stop

No matter what level of consciousness or level of spiritual awakening you have reached, there will come a time during your spiritual journey where you will know and feel that you have made great internal improvements and then suddenly… nothing.

Positivity has disappeared, prophetic visions and lucid dreams have been replaced by normal lower conscious ideals and mindfulness has been replaced by hyperactive thought patterns. You simply can not find the connection you once felt and it seems impossible to return to the level of light, love and higher consciousness you seek.

Everything you try to move again seems to be a failure, as if an invisible roadblock had been placed right in front of you, to the point of asking you what’s going on. It’s a path that can not be avoided, but why does it happen?

Spiritual roadblocks are designed to slow down and pause. Your initial spiritual awakening may have been so trying that your mind now needs time to reorganize itself. A reform of belief systems, perceptions of the world and perceptions of oneself are concerned here.

These periods of time can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even painful if the cycle takes you to another dark night of the soul. Navigating this rocky terrain requires patience and gentleness to cross the rough waters safely.

Determining the root cause of spiritual impasses is essential to getting you back on the road.

Here are 7 reasons why your spiritual awakening may suddenly stop:



1. You are frustrated by the current state of the world:

After much euphoria and exploration of the higher realms of life, by gaining the wisdom and understanding of your universally connected multidimensional existence, you find yourself again human. This can be a major disappointment. The power you exuded in the higher realms does not manifest in your current physical state and this can cause a lot of discomfort and impatience.

You may also feel alienated from a large part of society because you have been very wise and want to share your knowledge, yet for those who are “unenlightened,” your perceptions and ideals are unrealistic and exuberant.

After much effort trying to teach others your way, you end up feeling more discouraged than appreciated. The impression that your hands are chained, seeing the masses falling into the same old cycles of fear, attachment, and conformity to the dominant oligarchy.



2. You need healing:

A spiritual awakening can bring memories and repressed emotions from your unconsciousness into your consciousness. Like past lives, things you may have forgotten or things you did not even know, they can come to the surface.

You can even begin to dissociate yourself from these memories, avoiding you to believe that they are products of your imagination.



3. You have developed an exaggerated sense of yourself:

When you wake up, you feel like you’re at the top of the world, you feel like you’ve finally “arrived” and looking at others who have not yet reached your level of consciousness, you can not stop yourself from feeling “special”.

Do not get me wrong, spiritual enlightenment and the evolution of consciousness are something to celebrate! However, spiritual enlightenment is the ultimate goal for all humanity, not just a few elects.

The more you associate with this identity of being different or special, that is, according to Freud, “motivated by self-satisfaction and pleasure,” the more you struggle with your “superego”, thus making impossible an awareness of acceptance and love, thus preventing the continuation of your spiritual growth.

In fact, the more you believe you have “arrived”, the more you will have nowhere to go. No matter how much you want to continue your quest for spiritual fulfillment, your cup is full and needs to be emptied.

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4. You have fallen back into old patterns of behavior:

Do you remember that moment when you first made contact? The moment when everything opened for you in the blink of an eye and where your entire world had changed. You have seen the reason and the meaning behind all that is was and remains to come.

Do you also remember how you felt when looking at cow’s milk or a burger? Or how did it happen when you realized that you were a game pawn, a slave of a system that seemed to win?

This is your reminder.

What we were exposed to during our awakening was real and true, so hold your position firmly because we are the change and we are the people the world expected, all of us.



5. You are angry:

Any psychologist will tell you that anger comes from a wide variety of underlying causes. When it comes to anger that arises from a spiritual awakening, however, we can usually relieve it a little bit.



6. You still think you are unworthy:

Because of cultural, societal and religious indoctrination, this awakening can naturally be interpreted as an external event, of which you have little or no control.

A gift from the gods, because your consciousness projects itself and is seen out of the physical body. Feelings of unworthiness can immediately take control of the control center in your mind and many will feel that they have been blessed with a wonderful, undeserved gift.

Although there are many gods, bodhisattvas, and guides that may be helpful to you on your waking journey, the realization of authentic power is the ultimate liberation. This authentic power comes from your own unconscious mind, from what is already part of you, it’s simply in your DNA.

By advancing unconscious awareness and memory, wisdom and knowledge unfold knowing that you control your own destiny. Everything you need is already in you.

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7. You do not listen to your heart:

Although we are all connected globally, with hearts that beat at the same pace, we are always unique. Each of us has a piece of a bigger puzzle that ushered in the age of enlightenment. None of us considers the world according to a totally uniform perception and it is in this uniqueness that the purpose of your life resides.

We always receive subtle signals, synchronicities and encouragement from the universe: a landmark of light in a world that can sometimes be filled with darkness. When your mind can not find its way out of its current spectrum of reality, your heart will always guide you along the path you seek.

Be confident.

So, if you are stuck on your journey of spiritual awakening, approach your anger with love, always follow your heart and never forget that you are always worthy.

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