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The 5 Stages of Spiritual Transformation

The world of spiritual progress consists of several stages. Even if you do not feel like going anywhere, the progress you make changes who you are as human.

As we move forward in life, we go through different stages of spiritual transformation. While many do not reach stage 5, many are trying very hard. When we are born in this life, we enter different stages, and some people may have to make more effort than others, depending on the progress they have made in their past lives.

At each stage, we are going through changes that are sacred to us. The cycle in which we live is not as simple as you might think. The more you learn, the stronger you become. Embracing your spiritual side will be really profitable in the end. Take a look below to determine the stage of your spiritual journey.

The 5 stages of spiritual transformation:



Step 1: Obedience

This is the lowest and most frustrating stage for those at other stages. When we are at this stage, we move forward as if nothing had happened and we simply went into our lives respecting the status quo. We are not questioning anything and are more than willing to stay in the little box in which others have placed us.

We have trouble getting out of this stage. At this point, our lives are boring but we do not want to move forward either. We just do not know what to do with ourselves.



Step 2: Challenge

This is a stage where many people start their lives. This is the stage of challenges and liberation. At this point, we do not want to follow the status quo, we want freedom and true happiness. We are not so willing to accept things so quickly and are more aware of ourselves.



Step 3: Question

At this point, we will begin to question everything. We will not accept anything without first thinking about it. The more you question, the more you will learn. Through this, you will work to determine who you are and who you want to be. We are all struggling at this point, but not in the way most people would.

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Step 4: Housing

When we reach the stage of residence, we are sometimes victims of the negative sides of this world. This step is difficult to take but necessary. During your stay at this stage, you will think and be really obsessed with everything you have found.

The more time you spend here, the more frustrated you will become. This step is meant to teach you how to overcome difficulties and if you refuse to learn that you will not go far at all. Some people go through this step several times, but in all cases, this is an important step to face.



Step 5: Rebirth

This is the last stage of transformation and it is the stage at which we finally found ourselves and aligned with our higher beings. You can accomplish this step when you are in the background and can finally see the link we all have with the world around us. We can only hope to go that far.

No matter where you are now, the more effort you make, the further you go. You are capable of much more than you think.

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