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There Are 12 Types of Lightworkers! What Kind of Lightworker Are You?

Serving humanity should not be in the spotlight, on the stage you do not have to be a spiritual teacher to have an enlightening impact on others.

No matter where you are: in a seemingly normal environment, working in a trade, playing in the main realm of reality… wherever you are, you are able to walk the path of Lightworkers. People notice your drive, your love and support for others, your exemplary service and the positivity you naturally give to others.  That’s what really helps in the end.

Just being yourself and in harmony with your truth is enough. This is what inspires a positive change in others, it is what heals and ignites the light in the souls of others!

There are 12 types of Lightworker and they all serve the same purpose, humanity.  This service could heal humanity, inspire humanity or lead humanity to positive change. When identifying your Lightworkers’ journey, you should pay attention to your internal advice. Your intuition will guide you through the discovery of one or more unique gifts within you.

To help you determine which type you belong to, here are the 12 types of Lightworkers and their traits:



1. The Gate Workers and Gatekeepers:

These Lightworkers process Gaia’s grids.

They create the human grid that connects the hearts of all awakened humans. These are the real gates of the earth that connect the sacred sites through punctual lines and serve as portals that allow the light to come into this world through their open hearts.

Gatekeepers are a more advanced form than the gate worker in which Lightworkers work with a team to open inter-dimensional doors that allow higher levels of light and love.

While Gate workers bring light through spiritual gates already open on Gaia, gatekeepers, open doors where there was not any before, or even those that were closed due to stagnation.




2. The Divine Guardians:

There Are 12 Types of Lightworkers! What Kind of Lightworker Are You

The main mission of this type is to embody the light.

Regardless of the external circumstances, they are here to maintain a higher frequency and vibratory presence. They are the beacon of humanity. In tumultuous and chaotic events, their light shines bright enough to give hope and inspire others. These Lightworkers raise and support humanity in the process of enlightenment that unfolds.

Most of them are comedians, motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, celebrities or even local people.




3. The transmitters:

The emitters neutralize negativity and darkness by diving in and releasing their light. When negativity has returned to divine neutrality, it is restored to balance.

By transmuting past karma, transmitters work on behalf of the source and for the collective consciousness of humanity. They could also be transmuted according to their ancestral lines.

They may have chosen to be born in an ancestral line that has a lot of negative karma. They serve to liberate, dissolve, heal and help the vibrations of their entire ancestral line and to keep it stabilized.




4. The healers:

Healers help practically everything: humanity, the earth, animals, souls, and all beings by healing their mental, emotional, physical or spiritual aspects.

As a healer, you should listen to your internal tips about the methods, techniques, and ways to use your gifts through the service. Most empaths are unrealized healers who must use their emotional abilities to unlock their healing potential.

It is important that you focus on healing first because in doing so you can raise your vibrations and fill yourself with light that can heal, support, serve, love and guide others.

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5. The seers:

These workers of the light have opened the third eye or psychic sight by allowing them to see beyond the physical and the veil of illusion.

Their gifts include providing readings or services to inspire, empower and guide others to their truth and the truth of the world. They can also focus on areas where their energy is needed for healing, transmutation or release. This is where their light, power, and presence make a big difference.

These people are usually the ones who reveal the truth behind the shadows. Most of them are very good psychiatrists called parapsychologists (think of Carl Jung), truth activists and even psychiatrists.

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6. The Divine Plan Holders:

There Are 12 Types of Lightworkers! What Kind of Lightworker Are You

Everyone has a divine plan, which is a model for a fully enlightened self.

All Lightworkers have this template, but Divine Drawing Plan Holders are the most active to access and retrieve awakening codes. They are the best at translating these codes so that everyone can understand them and use them to raise the level of their consciousness.

The owners of the divine plan use sacred geometry and other sacred forms of communication through their work. They can be literally in any field and area of ​​life, but it’s the way you create and do things that matter. This is how they unconsciously communicate The Divine Plan.




7. The dreamers:

Dreamers serve their gift dreaming, in interdimensional travel and entering the dream space that allows them to access other dimensions of the experience.

Dreamers are usually people called psychonauts. They use certain rituals or supplements to embark on psychedelic journeys and access realms and ideas that will later inspire and uplift the human spirit.

If it were not for dreamers, there would not be 90% of the art, technology, and inventions we have today in the world.




8. The messengers:

Messengers receive guidance and messages from the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, the Galaxy, and their Higher Self. They share these messages through videos, blogs, teaching or writing.

Regardless of the media or platform, the messengers serve humanity through the process of awakening by sharing a powerful vision and spiritual information. They explain to people what is happening to them, which makes them better understand this journey of evolution through the guidance they receive from the Spirit.

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9. The protesters:

These Lightworkers are involved in the weaving of light to manifest changes on the earth, which could come in the form of an intention and a manifestation of deadlines, manifesting positive events or creating the pattern for greater love, greater light, and harmonious co-creation.

They do it in a variety of ways, such as meditation and visualization accompanied by self-inspection. The protesters demonstrate for the greatest interest of all beings, Gaia, animals and all humanity.

But as they continue to manifest, they work hard on their inner being to make sure that their manifestations are not selfish but of their heart center. Most of these people do not even focus on the event, but on the way they resonate, it’s for everyone’s sake.




10. The Ascension Guides:

They are the ascending Lightworkers. They enter larger levels of light and share what they learn about the ascension process.

These people enter the brink of enlightenment and push further by questioning and incorporating higher levels of light. Most of their teachings target spiritual teachers so that they can further the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The Ascension Guides show us how to overcome some of the pitfalls of enlightenment to help everyone not get lost on their way to the climb. Some of their teachings might even contradict the regular teachings of lightworkers. This is because they approach the truth from a much higher point of view and see the flaws that could arise with blind spirituality.




11. Those who show the path:

There Are 12 Types of Lightworkers! What Kind of Lightworker Are You

They embody the process of ascension and live their lives in the most authentic way. They keep the greatest interest of all beings and live an enlightened and inspired life.

These people do not even know that they serve humanity one way or another. All that shows the way is to live in resonance with their truth and the teachings that other Lightworkers share with the world.

These people are the heart of the Lightworkers. They are what inspires and motivate other lightworkers to continue to do what they do because there are still people who need their light. And by watching them, other lightworkers remember what really matters.

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12. The Unifiers:

These Lightworkers see how everything connects to everything else. They are really good at finding models and merging various philosophies into one.

It is the translators who bring together the teachings of the other workers of light, the truths and philosophies of the spiritual masters and fashion them in a way that is really easy to consume.

Unifiers are good at perceiving the essence behind different opinions. This is how they can find ways to connect people. They naturally see beyond the 2 sides and include all 2 sides that are part of it. These people are not only to translate but to unify different teams of lightworkers so that their impact can be much higher.


Even if you identify primarily with one of the 12 types of Lightworkers, you may have some traits of the other. We are all a different mix of these types depending on how these secondary types can benefit the achievement of the purpose of our main type.

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