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If You Feel Out of Place – You Could Be a Star Seed

Have you ever felt out of place? Perhaps you feel as if this world is not the one you should call home?

You could be a star seed. Although star seeds are something you don’t hear much about, they are all around us. Star seeds are people who come from a very different place than the rest of us. The seeds of the stars are people who carry highly evolved souls. They have something special trapped inside them.



Star seeds are a specific type of crystal children.

They often feel misplaced and as if they are extraterrestrials. Many of them find it difficult to fill the void inside them. They want to go home but do not know where their home is and nowhere on this Earth seems familiar to them. I know, it sounds horrible, right?



Star seeds come to Earth to help uplift us.

They are supposed to work with humanity in a positive way and promote positivity in this world. They were chosen to have an impact on all who come into contact with. Star seeds are very unique and capable of so many different things.

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Star seeds work to diffuse light but they are not technically lightworkers.

They both come from different places. The lightworkers are only there to increase the vibrations of the planet and not to arouse awakening. The star seeds have already experienced life elsewhere when they may not remember it, they can feel it.



Star seeds have generally lived many lives here on Earth and are well-rounded, to say the least.

They prepare for things like the others would not do and come with a very important mission. If you are a star seed, you will feel as if you have a greater purpose here and that even if you do not belong here, you must do goods to the people here.



Starseeds bring healing and comfort to all meetings.

Usually, they are deeply interested in spirituality from a young age and feel very drawn to things about space. They are very creative and generally have a much higher level of consciousness than the people in their lives.

If this sounds like you, you should look for the signs. Although you don’t belong here, you are really going to make a difference in this world. It may not be your home, but it can become your home.

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