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12 Strange Things You will Experience when Your Third Eye Accidentally Opens

I would like to help other people understand that they are much more than they have been allowed to believe and that they have the power to create the life they want, and I hope that this article will be a tool to help you. I would like to talk to you about the power of your mind because you are an unlimited being and your possibilities are unlimited. I want to equip you with tools to help you grow and evolve.

In this article, I will talk about the “third eye” again as I started doing in the past. It is a tiny gland placed in the middle of our brain, the pineal gland.

Mrs. BlavatskyMrs. Blavatsky, philosopher, theosophist, occultist essayist and Russian medium, believed that originally everyone had this open and activated, and humanity had extraordinary abilities that allowed it to live in connection with others and the universe as well as modeling matter. On the other hand, by atrophying in what is now “our pineal gland”, man has lost most of his “psychic powers” because he has moved away from his “divine state”.

For Eastern teachings, the power of the third eye is something that anyone can really acquire and feel. Today, there is a collective awakening that is changing the condition of limitation of the humanity of our time. Unfortunately, the pineal gland is also prone to calcification because of the processed food we eat and the fluoride in the water, but that does not stop it from occasionally sending us signals.

It’s time to understand if the signs you’ve noticed lately are related to the awakening of your third eye. You will find below the 12 weird things that happen when your third eye accidentally opens:



12 Strange Things You will Experience when Your Third Eye Accidentally Opens



1. You begin to think more deeply about what is in front of you.

Your old look at things seems superficial and you realize that what you see is only a fraction of what really exists. As a result, you begin to increase “your frequency”, your state of consciousness begins to change.



2. You “see” colors and daylight in a completely different way.

All the senses are changed. Colors may look brighter. You can catch strange odors. In addition, you can feel or hear things that “should not really exist”. This almost psychotic experience is common to those who have accidentally activated their third eye.



3. When you open your third eye, you may feel headaches.

When you open your third eye, you may feel headaches

This is a pressure on your temples. It’s normal, it’s also a sign that your pineal gland is developing energetically, so you start channeling your Kundalini energy even more. This energy, is otherwise known as the “energy of the spirit,” will rise and accumulate near your pineal gland and activate your third eye chakra.

Your “door” is now open. Sometimes you may also feel a sensation of heat spreading through your body. Do not worry too much, because there is a good chance that your Kundalini energy is trying to activate other important centers in your body. The reason is that this energy is meant to activate all your chakras by removing the negative obstacles that are on your growth path.



4. Reality does not seem to be so real anymore.

When the third eye accidentally opens, you may feel detached from the real world. You can have this strange feeling as if you were living in a dream, as if everything was a lie and nothing matters anymore.

This is because the third eye connects you to other realms, forcing you to perceive the existence of more than the material world.



5. You notice a lot of synchronicities and “mirror numbers“.

You notice a lot of synchronicities and "mirror numbers".

When your third eye is open, you move to a higher state of consciousness. You understand that there are no coincidences. You begin to notice all the synchronicities that have occurred around you, all along. These synchronicities will show in your life “significant coincidences” that are unlikely, ironic, and sometimes very useful. This phenomenon is a “wink” of the universe, a sign of the development of your intuition and your connection with your deep essence.

Synchronicities are responsible for bringing new people and events into our lives, apparently at the right time. The more you open up to the awareness of these synchronicities, the more you will notice. When you open your third eye, you will also notice the mirror numbers.

These numbers will be seen everywhere on billboards, license plates, phone numbers, lottery tickets, account numbers, and more. You could recognize the same numbers that seem to follow you everywhere. They are trying to tell you something. Numbers are a special way to send you messages from your “spiritual guides” or your deep essence. If you understand the meaning of these numbers, and only you can understand “your message”, you can contact your guides.



6. Your third eye gives you the ability to see, literally, the unity of all things.

By opening your third eye, you will begin to have access to higher states of consciousness and, consequently, to other dimensions; there is no more separation between you and the others, between the observer and the observed, the individual and the collective, the creator and the creation.

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The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

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7. You begin to question yourself more and more about your life goal.

Since your third eye is waking up, you can start to feel more clearly, for example, the negative energy of your workplace or your relationship… or maybe the true intentions of some of your friends or some family members.

This is a transitional period quite normal of your awakening. You wake up to the truth of things and you see your life very differently.

On the surface, everything can be the same, but it’s like climbing a hill and now you have a radically new perspective on everything. Synchronization is PERFECT because you are ready to handle anything that falls on your lap. The result is that you will come to different conclusions and you may discover a lot about your true essence.

The opening of the third eye represents change. It can change your point of view and your personality. The changes are beneficial because you can also perceive love and divinity in all things.



8. You are more aware of what you are eating.

You understand that everything is energy. As a result, your sensitivity to toxicity increases and now you know that even food is just energy, information; therefore, you are only looking for food that… really nourishes you.

You will find that you naturally start to be attracted to certain foods you are not used to eating, and repel foods that you have been eating for some time. Food which gives you energy, not that makes you feel depressed.

You are more aware of what you are eating.

You can feel the vibration of what you eat. Your body will force you, after a certain point, to eliminate certain substances from your diet. This is fundamental, food and nutrition in general are essential for your spiritual journey. When your third eye opens, you enjoy all forms of life.

You start to worry about the health of our planet, you help raise the vibration of the planet. You will also notice that your sensitivity to toxicity increases as your consciousness reaches new levels. It’s a very natural and organic process that you do not have to try to control too much, but it’s certainly another indicator that you’re going through major changes!



9. You have incredible and lucid dreams.

The kind of dreams you never forget, because you will feel that you can control them and you will be able to realize your true “infinite self”.

These dreams are extremely bright and you will see them as a world of augmented reality. Therefore, your dream world becomes rich with emotions and places and “conversations” sometimes strange. You have the chance to explore and create your own universe.



10. Clairaudience is an extrasensory faculty that you could develop when your “third eye” is open.

It’s the ability to hear things that have not been said. You are able to hear inaudible frequencies to hear sounds that people do not speak because you are able to tune in and experience these special frequencies.



11. Clairsentience is another extrasensory faculty that allows you to be able to feel the emotions of others.

This is what we call intuitive empathy. It is common for the empathic intuitive to have a third open eye that gives them that ability to feel what the people around them are experiencing. And it’s not easy because a lot of people go through a lot of things.



12. You can “capture” thoughts that are not yours.

You become an intuitive thinker. You have the ability to feel what people think around you. This is a sign that you have activated your pineal gland.

Do you recognize yourself in the description of these signs? Write a comment below.


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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Ingrid

    Yes, I recognise all of these.
    The numbers I see all the time is 22:22, I would love to know what that means… it’s been happening for years now.

  2. Yuliena Silva barzaga

    All this is happened to me and more
    I wonder a lot I have so many un answered
    Is there anybody else like me out there
    I refuse to live in a lie
    I can do so much and I have no guidance

    1. Jesus A. Vega

      Yes I think that these “abilities” are in every human being.. It’s just people in power fear change.. And change is what no one can control, and if people start “waking up” and start thinking for themselves.. Well they tend to end up wanting to make up for all the bad they’ve done unto others.. Which causes change of the greatest magnitude.. I hope this comment inspires others who seek just like us to keep seeking.. And for those who have found an answer may you live in the love and light of god almighty and merciful.. Blesses to all who read these words!! Patience is too a virtue..

  3. Purple Violets

    Thought that I was going crazy this really helped me u understand what is most likely going on with me

  4. Ingrid

    I so excited?

  5. Richyroo

    I’m on my journey now,and what I can say is…buckle up,hold on for the ride of your life.

  6. Mystic Renee Rose

    Yes, this is so SPOT ON, it’s like I wrote it.

    We are all one conneced through source and all in this together. No one gets left behind. We all end up in the same place in the end too……..we will all awake in our own time on our journey home perfectly….so please don’t worry be happy!!!

    However long this may take is always up to you….with free will we get to decide if we love or NOT and reap the results of our choices and actions. When you choose the HIGH road the journey is usually smother, quicker and happier.

    I’ve been awake since a NDE at 4 years old. I have experienced all this and much more too. I have developed all my Clair’s and some new ones over fifty years now. I am aware of myself in all 12 Demensions now. I could see seven when I was young.

    Several things not mentioned in the article I’d like to add:

    When your pineal gland activates and you wake to love and life source energy, all possibilities can manifest from your passion to LOVE!!! You are the one who chooses your life path….start today!

    Love is light energy….passion in action….love light…. TRUTH!!!

    We are librarian’s of truth on EARTH. We hold and share universal keys and codes of love light and truth which HEALS and enlightens and empowers. There’s so much to learn and share.

    Everyone, any given moment can have an epiphany and start to wake to the truth to the spiritual realm and our creators unconditional LOVE.

    YES everyone reading this….we get second chances every day we wake. We have the choice to love our planet/SOUL family and help each other be at peace and one with all….it’s a beautiful possible future I have been inspiring my whole life.

    Wake up people please.
    We are as strong as our weakest link. What’s that???
    Someone alone sacred in the dark.
    How do we HELP?
    With a pure ❤️ HEART…LOVE.
    What matters…WE do..every single one of us.

    If we love and care for each other, fear would end and love will conquer all SEPARATION in the end. It’s amazing how vast our collective consciousness is.

    Through non judgement, forgiveness and unconditional love we are one with source and limitless in love.

    I will admit it has been a challenge to live awake in such a DARK place. But I keep on my mission. Let me tell you all with honor and conviction I have spent lifetimes teaching this truth, healing, enlightening and empowering every one and thing that has crossed my path. I am passion in action, a galactic love ambassador of truth and Creator of love and light and so are YOU!!!

    Why fight for evolution….why NOT?

    Do you want to be a couch potato with fear and apathy or a LOVE Warrior with love light and truth?? Are you going to help yourself or others or both??? What difference can you make…..a whole NEW world from indifference to acceptance hope excitement and elation for our planetary future.

    We ARE important to other galactic life. We are pivital with portals, vortex’s and worm holes and so much more. We don’t know what we dont know yet and Thank GOD we don’t unknow and for showing us to LOVE source.

    We are librarian’s of truth. We are love creators. We as a collective planet could be/are healers for many other planets, universes and demensions.

    Stop thinking small….open your mind heart and soul to the universal possibilities of love living….why take the high road to love to rejoin with source everywhere…just imagine what you can do….only you limit YOU!!!

  7. Emily R.

    Spot on! I’d like to add something about clairsentient though, it means clear feeling and it also involves the ability to feel, physically, what other people might be feeling, as well as shifts in energy around you. If someone isn’t feeling well, and I hold my hands over them, I’ll be able to tell where their pain is, because their energy blocks cause the energy to bind up and contract, and I can feel it pouring out of them. Other times I just feel pain in the same spot they do…. But this is usually when I’m not near the person. As you mentioned, we are all connected , so distance doesn’t matter when it comes to things like this. This was one of the first Clair senses that manifested for me.

  8. Patrick

    I have seen all sorts of things, and there has never been a mentor to guide i and show what i was going through, i have seen two rainbows in the sky now i don’t see anything, i have see ghosts, i’ve heard things and now i cannot see the way i use to, as though i ‘ve been compromised, can these abilities return or not.

  9. Judi Jarvis

    My third eye opened back in the late 80’s. I’ve been doing psychic drawings basically a picture of one’s soul. A very useful tool for people on their journey. But lately I’ve been experiencing something I’ve never experienced b4. Every once in a while when I eat my body goes into a deep freeze. The core of my body shivers violently. I know the hypothalamus is connected to it cause it’s what regulates body temperature but it’s also what digests information from the third eye as well. I don’t know if this is common for people who’s third eye is expanding or what. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

  10. Brenda Cochran

    I can relate to most of these signs and have always been confidently aware. I have two young children in my family that also show them. I’ve been reading on it always but willing to learn as much as possible.

  11. Kingsley

    I seek help someone exchange my positive karma and now am in a deep mess..negative feeling everyday..what do I do now ?

  12. Susan Dayton

    I relate to all of this, I do 11th hour hospice where I connect with them and go with them as they cross over till they are comfortable then I come back! I Have passed over 9 times, back and forth myself. Not my time yet, that’s what they said!

  13. Erika Barron

    Well, well. That was interesting and answered some of my questions

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