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5 Things that only Old Souls will Understand

The purpose of this article is not to try to exclude certain groups of people from another or to attract a certain audience. The purpose of this article is to comfort and give a sense of relief to people who are bullied, insulted and judged because they do not meet the standards of society.

Some people are just old souls and must be accepted as such. If you are one of those people who are considered crazy because you can feel the energy of people, or hermit because you need to be alone, or “weird” because you believe in alternatives, the best thing to do is to continue to stay yourself.

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As an old soul, trying to conform to a society that is hollow and empty on the spiritual plane will only cause your loss. Do not let the authorities or institutions push you to give up your passions, your desires and your way of being. Here are 5 things that only old souls will understand:


1. The need for loneliness and isolation.

Every old soul knows the extreme importance of taking time away from life, people and the obligation to spend time alone in isolation. Life can be overwhelming at times, and the energies of others can be exhausting. Spending alone time in nature, or sitting alone at a park bench, or spending all day in your room are things that have become necessary for your spiritual health at times.

Some people may call you a hermit or tell you that you have mental problems, but you simply know the value of spending time alone to detox, think or take care of yourself.



2. The desire for growth.

More than happiness and living comfortably, you want to live a life that promotes growth and expansion. You enjoy so much growth and experience that you are ready to go through pain, suffering, and depression to learn more about yourself.

You take risks and experience adventures that other people consider senseless, but taking no chances is just too boring for you. At the end of your journey on earth, you would like to have lived a life filled with ups and downs, incredible adventures and not a life without taking risks.



3. Being very observant and intuitive.

From a very young age, you have been able to read people’s thoughts. By watching someone interact only for a few minutes, you are able to identify that person’s characteristics and lifestyle. It’s almost as if you had this software that lets you look around and download information about other souls.

This is because you have seen the archetype of this person before in a previous life and you are familiar with the general behavior and psychology of this archetype. You have interacted with thousands of people through the course of your soul’s history, so there is really no archetype with which you have not yet interacted.

This does not mean that you are judgmental, it just means that you are observant. When you are at a party, you observe the exchanges of energies that occur during a conversation. You may even feel more comfortable as a remote observer than as a participant. It’s natural for you.

Being able to read people’s minds also allows you to detect liars. When someone lies to you, you know it. You see it in their eyes, their energy field changes, and they pronounce their words differently.

You have experienced this many times before, so you are not naive even if you may not have had many social interactions in this life. You have always been difficult to handle because you can see the true intentions and desires of others.

Some people may tell you that you are scary or that you are crazy trying to be psychic, but it is natural for you to pick up the thoughts and energies of other people.



4. The rejection of everything that is “conventional”.

Traditional music has no soul, it does not vibrate. Traditional media are corrupt, biased and misleading. The traditional way of life is boring and disappointing.

As you recognize this, you have adopted “alternative” lifestyles and ways of thinking that can be odd for others.



5. The appreciation of the journey.

You have learned to trust and appreciate the journey. You try not to be “deep”, you can not help but be overwhelmed at times with feelings of gratitude, and humility.

You understand that life is ephemeral and take nothing for granted. The others around you do not understand why you like spending time in nature, why you meditate so often, or why you look at the stars all the time, but it’s because they’re just too distracted by the things of this world to see the situation as a whole.


If you identify with all or part of these 5 things, then you can be sure that you are either older than your age or have lived a life or two on this planet in the past. The vast majority of the human population does not understand these 5 things, and really enjoys ridiculing and mocking those who do not seem to fit the norms of society.

You do not seek to be different, psychic, intuitive, or profound. Your soul is simply wired in a different way. Do not let anyone tell you that you have to change to meet the expectations of the world around you. The world does not need more replicas. It needs more people who follow their hearts and make choices that bring their souls to life.

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