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5 Non-Spiritual Activities that Help Promote Spiritual Growth

People often compare spirituality and religion as if they were the same thing, but it is very misguided. A person does not have to say their prayers, attend sacred services or devote specific time or money to anyone in order to be spiritually connected or active.

Likewise, a person who regularly follows rigid religious practices is not necessarily particularly spiritually bound himself.

Good spiritual health can manifest itself in two different ways. First, there is collective or cultural spiritual health; This is something you see in a society, for example, the way they treat the elderly or the attitude towards the poor members of that society. The ability to accept those who are different from them is also a great indicator.

The second way it manifests is individually. This is how you really know yourself or your own soul. The way you are connected to your own inner space or to your basic instincts and inclinations is a fairly clear indicator of spiritual health.

A healthy spiritual connection in yourself can be cultivated by raising your personal awareness and being as present at the moment as possible.

Many people achieve this through traditional practices like meditation or yoga, but this can also be achieved by coming into contact with the things that you have passion and love for.

Here are 5 non-traditional ways to promote your spiritual health and well-being.



1. Tactile arts and crafts:

This includes everything from cross-stitching to origami or oil painting. Working with your own hands to create something original or beautiful is always a great way to express yourself with authenticity.

We rely on very subtle inner cues to inspire us creatively, and it can be an incredibly instructive process to go through while being really fun.




2. Music:

Whether you listen to it and experience it or play it yourself, music is a wonderful tool for self-expression and exploration. Something in music can move us psychologically and emotionally like nothing else.

Bright vibrant tones have even been used in traditional medicinal practices since Antiquity. Music really connects the body and mind to the soul.

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3. Writing:

Writing is a unique form of expression in the sense that you can use it as an outlet for extremely intimate and private thoughts, or you can use it as an extension of yourself, expressing things by metaphor or symbol in a different narrative.

Either way, it’s perfectly cathartic and useful for documenting and being able to see the progress you’ve made over time.




4. Exercising:

All human beings need movement to thrive. Even if you are injured or in poor shape, some form of exercise (suitably safe) is almost always recommended by medical and spiritual healers.

Movement and physical activity not only promote a healthy body and efficient joint and muscle function, but they also encourage your brain to release more chemicals that make us alert and keep us satisfied.

Going out and exercising does not necessarily mean going to the gym or doing pushups or running for a mile, it can be low-impact and soothing, swimming in a cool pool, or hiking on a beautiful mountain trail. This promotes full activation and a connection between the mind, body, and spirit. It also gives us time to think.

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5. Doing nothing at all:

In these modern times of technology and media, many of us are left with almost no time in the day during which we have no external stimuli engaging our senses.

This may be fine for many people, but in truth, one of the best things you can do to improve spiritual growth is to spend time totally alone with just yourself and your thoughts.

A simple introspection without any distraction will do wonders for a person’s relationship to their spirituality.

Some do it through a meditative practice, but it can also be done by simply withdrawing to a quiet place where you are comfortable and safe to question and work on yourself without fear of judgment or of disturbance.

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