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How to Measure the Frequency of your Vibrations

Our vibrational frequencies are essentially our spiritual states. More specifically, they are measures of our levels of consciousness and describe our moods, values, and dominant thoughts in our minds.

But, measuring the vibrational frequencies is difficult to do accurately, due to the ego’s bias. We can get an idea of ​​our vibrational frequencies on our own through meditative contemplation; However, finding someone who has experience in that area will give us a better and more accurate reading.


What are the vibration frequencies?

The vibratory frequencies are the measurements of the energies in our system. Everything is made of energy, and its oscillation and vibration speed really groups the types of energy. Those average levels at which our energy vibrates are called vibrational frequencies.

All emotions, thoughts, and ideas have some special vibrational frequencies, while those that are more desirable have much higher frequencies, unlike undesirable ones.


The hierarchy of our conscience.

In fact, there is some kind of hierarchy in our consciousness, which is the classification of all those different ideas, emotions and thoughts that can be dominant in our minds.

  • 700hz+ – Enlightenment
  • 600hz – Peace
  • 540hz – Joy
  • 500hz – Love
  • 400hz – Reason
  • 350hz – Acceptance
  • 310hz – Goodwill
  • 250hz – Neutrality
  • 200hz – Courage
  • 175hz – Pride
  • 150hz – Anger
  • 125hz – Hatred
  • 100hz – Fear
  • 75hz – Pain
  • 50hz – Apathy
  • 30hz – Guilt
  • 20hz – Shame

When we have high frequencies of vibration, they can happen because our soul and mind embody emotions that are higher on the list. When they are low, it means that we fall victim to negative emotions somewhere at the bottom of this list.

These numbers are actually Hertzian frequencies, and they measure the number of vibrations in each second.


How to Measure the Frequency of your Vibrations?

We can measure our own vibrational frequencies; however, the process is quite challenging and requires being honest with ourselves. We can meditate on our dominant emotions, and allow ourselves to feel how we feel without any judgment, making mental notes of all those emotions that happen, and how powerfully we feel them.

We must find our dominant emotion in the previous table, and that will be our approximate vibrational frequency. Spending more time contemplating will bring us closer to the real number we are going to get. However, honestly, the measurement of our vibratory frequencies will never be as accurate as we expect.


The bias of the ego will prevent self-measurement.

In fact, the problem lies in the ego’s bias which is our tendency to inflate our score simply because our ego wants our vibrational frequencies to be much higher. Unless we surpass our ego, the process of self-measuring our vibrational frequencies would be inaccurate. However, the opposite can also happen. Lack of self-esteem often results in lower vibrational frequencies, but it can also cause us to underestimate our frequencies even more.

Tying a lot of our self-esteem to the number can be tempting, the way many people do it with some social media platforms. However, it is not the particular number that matters so much; it is really the direction in which it moves. These two articles can also help you in determining your vibrational frequency: Seven Signs that Reveal your Vibrations are Increasing & Test your Vibrations Using these 4 signs from the Universe.

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