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The Great Power Behind Being an Earth Empath

An empath is a very sensitive person who tends to absorb the emotional and physical energy of others in their own body. Empaths also have intimate fellowship with nature, including the earth, plants, and animals.

The positive side is that we can deeply feel all that is positive, nourishing, and healthy in others and in the world. The downside is that empaths become exhausted, anxious, and burned by a sensory overload.

If you identify yourself as an empath, the secret to maintaining your intuitive connection to all living things is to develop centering and protective strategies such as meditation, setting clear boundaries, creating enough time to refuel, and many other strategies. Empaths can then revel in the joy of their sensibilities.



Earth Empaths:

Earth empaths are a special type of empath who is very attuned to the natural world and all of Earth’s changes. The beauty of a waterfall can exalt and energize these empaths, while the toxicity of air pollutants can make them sick, exhausted, or depressed.

How do you know if you are one?

You are very sensitive to intuiting the Earth’s changes in your body. Sensually and energetically, you can feel the power of a thunderstorm, the beauty of the moon, the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. What happens to Earth is intimately linked to your body. The beauty and health of the Earth nourishes and supports you. The ocean and the tides affect everyone, but especially you.

The moon and the tide regulate menstrual cycles for women and sleep-wake cycles for both sexes. You are sensitive to weather changes and the amount of daylight. Earth empaths can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), becoming depressed in winter when the days are shorter.

The Earth, its elements, and the universe feel like a family. The moon and the stars have always been my companions.

But, interestingly, empaths who find it hard to adapt to being on this planet, need to connect to the energy of the Earth so that we can more fully inhabit our bodies. Learning to do this, and not fighting it, is part of our healing.

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Earth loves you.

You can feel it if you are an empath of the Earth. This is why you are so hurt, anxious, or have health problems when it is injured or destroyed. Your body is intimately linked to the Earth. You experience its changes as if they were happening to you. When the Earth is happy, you are happy. When the Earth suffers, so do you.

Earthly empaths can have premonitions about natural disasters or feel them intensely in their bodies as they occur. Likewise, find out how your body responds to dramatic changes in the Earth. Then you can put your feelings into context and practice more personal care when it occurs.



As an Earth Empath, you can also be sensitive to solar flares.

These magnetic storms over the sun affect the magnetic fields around the Earth and our bodies. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and tornadoes appear to occur after intense solar activity. During these periods, you may experience headaches, mood swings, anxiety, or heart palpitations.

Studies have shown an association between solar flares and increased depression, anxiety, suicide, and episodes of bipolar disorder. Revolutions, riots, and unrest around the world are associated with solar flares. Remember that the sun is responsible for life on Earth. When it goes through changes, we feel it 150 million kilometers away. This experience is amplified for empaths.

To stay dynamic, you want to connect frequently with Earth. Spend time in the forests, by the ocean or in the mountains where you can commune with the elements and feel at home. To deepen your connection to the Earth, eat clean, healthy, and organic foods (even better, grow them yourself). A diet of junk food separates you from Earth because you don’t ingest its energy.

Practice grounding regularly: Lie flat on the ground to soak up its positivity and strength. Wade or swim in lakes, rivers, or the ocean. Gaze at the stars. Walk barefoot on the grass.

To communicate intentionally with Earth, you can listen to it by asking it, “How do you feel?” Then be open to all the intuitions that come. Or you can use the Earth as an oracle, asking questions directly about yourself or others. It will respond to you through your intuition. Then follow its advice.

In Native traditions, earthly medicine represents the healing that nature provides. Mother Earth must be worshiped and cared for. As empaths, you can practice earthly medicine by doing everything you can to cherish our precious mother planet. This is part of your goal and makes you feel happy, healthy, and whole.

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