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Why You Should Only Believe in Your Own Version of God

When you take the time to observe, you realize that God exists in everything. In the nature that surrounds us, the sky, and the sea.

Everything that exists in this universe can contain God, from the planets to the leaves of the trees. Nothing can exist without God and nothing can be done from something immaterial. It has been said that God created us in his image and his likeness.

“There are hundreds of paths on the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person who wastes time is the one who runs around the mountain telling everyone that their path is wrong. ”
~ Hindu proverb



We can make our version of how we see and experience God.

This, however, we must understand that our recognition and our image of our God may not be exactly equivalent to that of another person and that is fine.

There is no “right” or “wrong” approach to encountering God. It does not matter if an individual exists in a reality where God does not exist, for example, an atheist, this still works. They simply encounter God in a “non-God” way.

Someone else can encounter God so that their God rebuffs them for their mistakes and favors them to oppose temptation, it is not out of the box either. Someone else can call God “the universe” and experience God in a supernatural way with a higher degree of recurrence and not of “individual” as such.

We are here to wake up from the illusion of our seperateness. ”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh



This is neither wrong nor right.

This Is Why You Should Only Believe in Your Own Version of God 2It is essentially just an approach to participation and sees the “all that is”. Since there are more than 7 billion people living on the planet, there are 7 billion separate ways to experience God.

Furthermore, despite the fact that there are gatherings of individuals who can involve or see their God in the same way, no one will meet God in exactly the same way as anyone, in light of the fact that God is totally close to domestic understanding. The problem emerges when we see that our approach to seeing God is the only way.

Many people believe that their variant of God is the total and extremely authentic God and that they have no decision on how to encounter God. They, therefore, waste precious time making a decision about others or getting other people out of the light of the fact that their convictions may not be quite the same as theirs.

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In fact, a definitive “truth” is that there is no “ultimate truth” when all that exists is its own ultimate truth.

The deception that God Himself is a different element outside of us that we have to justify ourselves or we have to seek and discover it when in reality it is directly there inside each of us.

It generally doesn’t matter which spiritual teacher we choose, but almost all of them say something very similar. God is in us. God is not separate from us. It’s not something we can just know and that’s it, but it’s a level of consciousness that we have to reach.

This is the reason why we can all know it, even if we seem to be involved in the details of daily life. Despite everything that we blow up when someone cuts us off out and about, we care about paying our bills on time, despite everything, we are somewhat irritated when someone tries to transmit their form of God to us.

If we really existed in the dimension of awareness that we knew we were God, things like congested driving conditions and bills and hearing other people’s perspectives on religion probably wouldn’t have the ability to stir us up in any way.

We would almost certainly observe each other in its smallest details and understand that our impression of everything makes our existence in 3D, but that our vision of things is not the impression of everyone.

“The kingdom of heaven is within.”
~ Jesus



The closer we get to see that unity with all is a definitive truth, the fewer things like this have the capacity to suppress our internal harmony.

We stop passing judgment on such great and terrible things while simply observing that everything is just … and that everything is perfect. Oneness takes everyone and everything, while our dream of separation reveals to us that we are not yet perfect, or cheerful, or tranquil and that we must fight and strive to become what we believe we are certainly not.

In any case, all is well, it is all part of the pleasure of having the opportunity to experience God in our own way and to explore through life by returning to who we are now at our center.

Unlearning everything we thought we “know” about who or what we are and separate old standards and beliefs to the point where we can see that any framework of belief that makes them believe that there is an unequivocal good and bad approach to see God is not practical. Not when God is all that matters.

Make your God the way you want. You can call your God “Allah”, or maybe you call him “Jesus” or maybe you call your God “Steve”, the name usually doesn’t make a difference. However, in the same way, beyond any doubt that you, that your interpretation of God is the best, the following person also thinks something very similar. Besides, you’re both right.

No doubt God always shows Himself the ideal path for each unique individual. Then realize that your path is ideal for you … but the same goes for me.

“The ultimate reality is that there is no separate self. If you believe that God is outside of yourself, then you are not adopting absolute law, but an inferior teaching.”
~ Buddha

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