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5 Signs that You Are a Shaman and You Haven’t Realized it

Since the shamanic archetype does not play a role in modern culture, many people who grow up outside native villages are shamans without even knowing it.

There seem to be some very disturbing changes that will soon overwhelm the whole planet, and for good reason too. As we begin to integrate this new paradigm, the majority of people suddenly feel an awakening.

Not only are shamans are able to take on this intense change that is occurring, but they are also an important part of it. Our modern shamans want to guide some of this change and show people how to evolve and how they can completely transform themselves. Here are 5 signs that you may be a shaman without knowing it:



1. You tend to have real-life dreams.

The realm of the unseen can communicate with you through your dreams, so always try to discern your dreams. Pay special attention to totem animals that may appear in your dreams.

Search the Internet for the definition of “the spirit” of this animal totem and identify all the animal messages that have appeared in your dreams. Or refer to the Jungian analysis.

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2. Shamans tend to be among the most empathic, understanding, and sensitive people in the world.

You often feel, see, and hear things differently than everyone else around you. It can even happen to you to find yourself in a public place and be overwhelmed by all the negative emotions of the people around you. You can not help but help those in need. It’s almost as if you sometimes get to hear a person’s soul talking to you when they’re not happy.

People are attracted to you like butterflies by the flame but do not really know why they are looking for you, aside from knowing that you will be the one who will help them break through the impasse.

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3. Shamans understand the adversities of life and have certainly had their fair share of pain.

However, you do not cling to the past. You take on the challenges that life sends you and turn them into a life lesson; you are particularly resistant.

Many cultures describe the shaman as a person who has survived a lightning strike or who has gone through a major tragedy. Perhaps in your case, it would be a kind of abuse, terrible violence (all forms), or another situation of life or death. You know how to deal with things that you can not change, and you accept what you are like you do with others.




4. You always felt that you did not belong to any place, because you are a bridge.

Shamans tend to live on the edge of a village for a reason. They are not like the others – and this is a real blessing! In village life, this is understood and recognized. But in the modern world, this can give the shamanic way the feeling of not always matching. But do not despair.

You have your place. And your role is essential. Because you can see that you correspond better with those who have in common with you this shamanic type. With your fellow shamans, you will feel as if you were with your family.




5. Shamans have a very intense connection with the land they are walking on, they can feel everything the world feels.

Often, shamans are a gateway between the natural world and humans, translating what one means to the other as if they were friends found after a long absence. Taking a walk, running or cycling in nature is more important to them than anything in the world. As long as they are always part of the natural flow of life, they will do things right.

Although shamans are not able to be doctors, although they would like to help eliminate any form of suffering or pain in the world, they still find a way to contribute to the community. They are determined to do everything in their power to help animals, humans, the Earth, and everything that has a pulse and is an integral part of nature.

Shamans perceive negative feelings as a curse that resides in the soul, thus affecting balance in the self; what separates people from what their heart tries to tell them. Shamans have the ability to see through these negative walls and reach out with love and insight in the hope that there will be an awareness of love and its deeper meaning.

There is a change that is about to happen, so do you think you are a shaman who feels the world changing?


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