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How to Press the Refresh Button on a Bad Day

We all have bad days and this is something we can not avoid, no matter how hard we work. Making the most of bad times is an advantage for us in the long run.

If you are someone who is struggling to make the most of these bad days, this article is for you. We can improve those bad days if we try hard enough. Below, we’ll go over the steps you can and should take to essentially press the refresh button for your day. These things will allow you to start over and feel as if the things thrown at you are not as bad as they seem.

7 Steps to Push the Refresh Button on Bad Days:



Step 1: Stop and Breathe

When you can say things get too much out of order, give yourself a moment to breathe. Go back and relax. There is nothing wrong with just “cool down”. Calm down and let yourself really regain power over your mind.



Step 2: Think

Thinking is something we should all do once in a while. Think about things that bother you and make sure you recognize them all. Although you should not feed them, you should not ignore them either. Ignoring them will not make them leave.



Step 3: Protect your energy

If you feel the need to take a moment to meditate in white light, sit down and make sure your energy is not exhausted. Give yourself the power and create a feeling of protection as you see fit.



Step 4: Recite your claims

That you find statements online or that you make your statements does not matter. Say your affirmations aloud so that they have more power and really resonate. Live according to the affirmations you speak.

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Step 5: Find something positive

Find something positive in all the negative aspects. Rethink what brought you that day and find something good. Even if it’s a small thing, it’s worth paying attention to that. Give power to the positive, not to the negative.



Step 6: Change your state of mind

Whenever you feel a negative thought seep in, recognize it and let it go. Do not put things in bottles or hide them without recognizing them. Letting go is difficult, but it makes a huge difference in how we view things.



Step 7: Continue with an open mind

Be open-minded while you continue your day. Remember that the negativity is not what you should empower and think about the positive things we mentioned above. Whenever you think you are overwhelmed, repeat these steps.

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