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18 Traits That are Usually Found in Highly Evolved Old Souls

If you have been called an “Old Soul” and have been told your choices are bizarre and miles away from people your age, you will relate to the following list spiritually, especially if you are someone who gets excited about buying kitchen appliances and coming home at 9:30 PM.

Sometimes new trends don’t make sense to you and you feel a bit stifled when you are under pressure to catch up with them. But hey, if you are an old soul, you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes out of your day and sitting down and talking to yourself for a little while.


1. You are romantic:

Modern online romance hardly makes sense to you. Online dating apps like Tinder and Happn are a mystery you’d be happier not to solve.

Declaring love online is also something that you feel is unnecessary. Love for you is a handwritten letter, flowers, and promises of tomorrow rather than one night stands.



2. You learn as you love:

You might be an old soul on the inside, but you are young by all means, so while you have the ability to know better, you love a lot when you do.

When you face disappointment and disillusionment, you are mature enough to take whatever you can from it and move on, having learned better.



3. You are an introvert:

You are not the most outgoing of the lot. You are happier to stay with a glass of wine, Chinese take-out, and a new book or movie.

A night that doesn’t require you to talk to anyone or do anything is ideal for you in the truest essence of the word.



4. You love simplicity:

You don’t really like things when they go over the top and like to settle for simple but thoughtful things, especially if it’s an expression of love.

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5. For you, wisdom and truth are essential:

You understand how important these two things are and what exactly roles they play in our lives. You are also drawn to people who don’t let the frivolity of the world take them and who have the wisdom to understand how the world works.

You also like to engage in conversations that really move you and engage all your gray cells.



6. You are mature:

You have all the maturity to look beyond the small things. You are not stuck in the petty routine of everyday life and see the big picture. You are doing things for the greater good and working to get there.



7. You like manners:

However times may change, manners are charming, and you couldn’t agree more. You like to walk out of doors that are held for you, sit on chairs pulled out for you, etc.

You like a firm handshake and that’s a really good thing to like.



8. You’re defined by your favorites:

You always stick to your favorites, be it ice cream, songs, or movies, and not just that, if someone follows a list of your favorites, they can more or less understand you because you don’t believe really in being unnecessarily mysterious or anything like that.

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9. You don’t like arguing:

When you have a disagreement with someone and you realize that they don’t have the same level of intellect as you, you take a step back from the argument because you know how pointless everything becomes.

You are beyond trying to fix what cannot be resolved and working on people who will not accommodate to what you are trying to do.



10. You follow and lead when you have to:

You are not always determined to be a leader because you know that the point of doing something is just doing it, and not who is leading.

That being said, you also know when to lead and assume a place of authority because you have a better head than many. You treat things as calmly as possible and don’t look at things in a one-dimensional way. You see and understand before you do anything that needs to be done.



11. You love your family:

Nothing makes you happier than staying in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. Even the idea of the family makes you feel warm inside. You are a good ol’ softie.



12. You enjoy the little things in life:

It could be your favorite flower blooming, or finding the perfect torrent for a movie you’re dying to watch, it always comes down to the little things that make you stand out. You are a simple person and simple things make you happy.

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13. You deal with things in an authentic way:

For you, nothing is about winning or losing. You handle everything, and I mean everything with impeccable grace and poise. You don’t speak loudly and listen before you speak. Your words are well thought out and concrete. You don’t throw away words without meaning them.



14. You are yourself:

You are not in the world trying to be someone that you are not. You are comfortable in your own skin and stay true to yourself at all times.



15. You don’t chase trends:

You exist for yourself and never change yourself to follow a trend. You are beyond these things because you recognize that attention is not what you want because you see attention as fleeting and superficial.



16. You can take the stage:

Even though you like to stay at home, you like to take the stage from time to time because you are a real artist.



17. You make time for the people you love:

You might be under tremendous pressure with bills, emails, and files piling up, but you still have time for the people you love, whenever they need you.



18. You admire realness:

To be honest, you are pretty over the people trying to pull acts off to find acceptance and losing themselves in the process. You like to see reality and authenticity.

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