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5 Signs You’re Experiencing a Shift in Vibrational Frequency

 “(The color) causes a psychic vibration. And its superficial psychic effect is, in short, only the path that serves to reach the soul.”
~Wassily Kandinsky, Spirituality in Art and Painting (1911)

Many people mark a turning point in relation to their lifestyle conditions. They feel that the fundamental principles that guide our culture are wrong. That these principles are made to make us more uniform, eradicating a great diversity of humanity.

What are the signs that indicate that you are part of this change?

5 signs that you are currently changing vibrations:



1. The world does not seem to make sense anymore.

How elections are run, how cities work, how we work – no longer makes sense. It all sounds a lot more complicated than it should. This does not necessarily mean that the systems in place are bad and dysfunctional in themselves, but that they have evolved into a dark parody in themselves. A familiar scenario?




2. You are moving away from bad habits.

Usually, a Saturday night could consist of meeting friends around a table for an aperitif, smoking like firefighters and consume crisps or other biscuits aperitif. But last Saturday, you did not feel this need? On the contrary, you ended up doing research on pesticides and organic foods, and you did not touch alcohol. This could be a sign that you are moving away from your current vibration.

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3. You begin to recognize your own influence.

Each of us can be an extremely influential person, and you begin to realize that by taking the right steps, not just talking loudly, you can have an almost as important influence as anyone else.




4. You give more than you take.

You started to observe the world to see the major problems we face. Famine, poverty, inequality, and the destruction of the Earth are now in your face. Therefore, you want to volunteer or commit to giving some of your salary to worthy causes. This strongly indicates that you feel the change.

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5. You begin to feel compassion for all beings.

It does not necessarily promote veganism and the adoption of an attitude that does no harm to an attitude that can do anything, but you start to open your eyes and realize the destructive nature of humanity. Again, you can find yourself on the net, finding ways to be a less destructive human being.

What do you think? Is your vibration changing? Let us know your thoughts on the comments below!

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